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Brush-type automatic car wash machine

Release date:2019-10-16    【Back

Detailed Description:

The brush-type automatic car washer machine is a fully automatic car washer machine designed for medium and high-end finishing.
About advantages — low maintenance cost, flexible operation, and brush cleaning on the top, two sides, the front and back, the skirt and the tire part of the vehicle, and the device has a plurality of cleaning modes.

This automatic car wash machine has timing, counting and other functions. Car wash brush strips are imported from the United States, do not hurt the car paint, do not stick to the sand, are not easy to entangle the sundries, soft and wearable, and have a high degree of cleanliness. The whole process is automatically controlled and operated, with fast and reliable reliability and beautiful appearance of the equipment.

It covers a small area, suitable for gas stations, facades, large parking lots, car washes, garages and other places.
It is mainly used for cleaning, spraying and drying of cars and various small vans.
The principle of car washing is to park the car in the center of the car wash room, and tighten the hand brake device to reciprocate on the track to complete the entire car wash process.

Car wash process:
1. Spray rinse → 2. small brush to mud → 3. Foam spray → 4. Brush cleaning → 5. Water washing car → 6. Strong air drying (optional) → 7. Complete car wash = glamorous bright.

The technical parameters:

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