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500 bar industrial pressure washer

Release date:2018-6-6    【Back

Introduce of this 500 bar pressure washer:

1. A very high pressure washer, 500 bar, can remove rust & paint, stripping bark, casting sand removing.

2. Protection system, low voltage start, low voltage protect, stable performance.

3. Mobile, simple electric control system, simple operation.

4. Full copper motor & Italian AR pump, guaranteed quality, beautiful appearance.

5. Motor, pressure gauge, high pressure hose, pump, etc, all parts are chosen strictly, durable and high quality.

The technical parameters:

Model CWD50/22 CWD50/15
Power 22kw 15kw
Pressure 500Bar/7250Psi 500Bar/7250Psi
Voltage 380V/50Hz 380V/50Hz
Flow rate 22L/M 15L/M
Rotate rate 1450rpm 1450rpm
Noise ≤65db
Dimensions 1100*800*850mm 1100*800*850mm
Weight 295kg 228kg


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