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CWD6VN steam car washer with vacuum for Namibia customers
We designed a new model, CWD6VN, steam car washer with vacuum, all-in-one. Now this machine is hot sale at the moment, one of our customers come from Namibia, he likes this machine very much. Before this machine is shipped, our beautiful colleague want to take photos with thi...
High pressure washer 9HP type popular sales
We send 3 sets of high pressure washer abroad last week. This machine has 200 bar hot water, 200 bar cold water & 50 bar steam. Three functions. Easy move and durable working, it is very famous in outdoor cleaning field. Zhengzhou Lonca Machinery belongs to Shanghai Chuan...
Sending a double-gun mobile car wash to Peru
Even Chinese Spring Festival is coming, the order of mobile car wash doesn't reduce.  Last week, on Friday, we sent a double-gun mobile car wash to Callao port, Peru. The client asked for a LPG steam car washer, 20bar steam pressure, with double guns. Here are some photos ...
Sending a steam vacuum cleaner machine to Switzerland
We are just back from Chinese National Day, but even in the holiday, I met a customer of Switzerland. I recommend him our steam vacuum cleaner machine, cause he wants to clean car interior and home sofa. You can see the working video of this machine: https://www.youtu...
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+86 371 6099 1380
Addr:No.70 dianchang road,High-Tech industrial development zone,Zhengzhou ,china
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